America's Wetland action heroes introduced in fight against coastal erosion

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

NEW ORLEANS - Sporting muscles, capes and charm, a new lineup of the popular America's Wetland Action Heroes, The Estuarians, debuted Monday to lead the charge to save coastal Louisiana with the rallying cry of Game on.

Since their first appearance in 2004, The ESTYs have delighted audiences young and old with their message of working together to restore America's most import estuary in Louisiana.

With a kickoff ad that ran during the Super Bowl, the America's Wetland Foundation is releasing a new set of appeals to the public.

Featuring a cast of youth football players from Baton Rouge, the new ads focus on a football field of land lost to coastal erosion every fifty minutes.

The football field analogy has helped make land loss real to audiences worldwide, gaining billions of media impressions and used continuously by reports since it debuted on the Jumbotrons at LSU's Tiger Stadium in 2004, featuring an animation of the field being covered with rising waters.

This new ad campaign will focus on coastal struggles and the teamwork required among all interests at the table to meet the urgent challenge of coastal erosion.

"Through a new round of ads we can tell stories of public-private collaboration and model programs that have been launched to conserve and restore the coast," said Val Marmillion, AWF managing director. "We are hoping that land owners and the private sector will look for more opportunities to partner with conservation organizations to restore land."

Soon, the Estuarians will appear on outdoor advertisements encouraging families to get involved in coastal restoration and join the restoration campaign.

"We have beefed up and re-illustrated our action heroes to meet modern expectations and challenges," Marmillion said. "For years the original Estys have paraded at Carnival and attended conferences and school programs to the delight of the young. With a more determined look, the characters will carry a more determined message, encouraging the public to join the home team for coastal restoration.

All of the characters take on the name of an element of the estuary. Most recently with the name change of New Orleans' professional basketball team to the Pelican's, AWF Pierre the Pelican lent his name to the team and made room for AWF's newest ESTY, "Pearl" the Pelican.

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