Poll indicates coastal erosion biggest concern

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

NEW ORLEANS - Seventy-four percent of Louisiana voters responding to a recent statewide poll said that coastal erosion was the most important issue of their lifetime.

Conducted by The Kitchens Group, an Orlando-based research firm, and released today by the America's WETLAND Foundation, the new poll reflects a growing anxiety about coastal land loss in Louisiana. The vast majority of those surveyed said that there needs to be less partisan bickering and more cooperation among all sectors to ensure solutions to coastal erosion.

AWF regularly polls the public to judge how voters see the changing face of an issue with enormous national implications. "When 85 percent of the population acknowledges that saving the coast is an important concern, the state must be prepared to implement the plan, working with all impacted interests, without reservation." said R. King Milling, AWF's chairman.

Ninety-seven percent of voters feel that it will take a team effort of government, industry, education and non-profit organizations to restore the Louisiana coast, agreeing that a unified effort is the best hope for coastal restoration and protection, not assigning blame for what has been lost.

Along similar lines, 95 percent of both Democrats and Republicans feel that perceived conflicts between energy production and environmental protection have become too politically divisive, and that partisan politics will not bring the solutions that the nation and region require, especially given the scope and urgency of the challenge at hand.

Ninety percent of the voters feel the federal government should be responsible for restoring coastal areas that supply energy to the U.S.

Four hundred voters in the state of Louisiana were interviewed in a random sample conducted December 9-14, 2013. The sample was balanced according to all known demographic factors.