Board of Selectmen amend public indecency ordinance


PLAQUEMINE - The City of Plaquemine Board of Selectmen amended its public decency ordinance at its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday following the intentions of an adult retail business.

“They are trying to turn it into a strip club and I think it is wrong,” Mayor Mark “Tony” Gulotta said. “If he does, I am going to stop him.”

The board also adopted a resolution accepting a bid $700 more than estimated for a new street sweeper.

“It is a heck of a machine,” public works director Richard Alleman said. “I think ya’ll will be impressed.”

In other news, the board voted to buy two new fire trucks at $315,000 a piece with a 2.8 percent interest rate.

“The prices are outrageous but he seems to think this will take care of all of our fire truck needs,” Gulotta said.

The board also discussed its new online billing payment options that includes an extra $6 fee.

Discussion on an agreement with the Iberville Parish Council concerning drainage also was brought up.

“We have been dealing with this for 20 years,” Selectman Oscar Mellion said. “It is time we enter into the agreement.”

The board also passed a motion dedicating an additional $225,000 to a parking project at the Bayou Plaquemine Waterfront Park.

The original amount funded was $150,000.