Pointe Coupee Electric conducting maintenance

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

NEW ROADS - Spring gives us a chance to thaw out after a chilly winter. Take advantage of longer daylight hours by doing a little spring cleaning and yard work.

But the seasonal shift isn’t all good news. The rapid change from harsh, cold air to warmer temperatures can trigger severe weather. To protect our lines and keep power flowing safely to your home, Pointe Coupee Electric maintains our rights-of-way. Think of it as spring cleaning for power lines.

Right-of-way maintenance keeps tree limbs and other obstacles away from high-voltage power lines. It’s an important part of the service we provide to you, our members, for three reasons: safety, reliability, and cost.

Our primary concern is the safety of our workers and members. Properly maintained ROW keeps our crews safe when they are restoring service and maintaining our system. Keeping trees clear of power lines also keeps your family safe. From making sure a child’s tree house doesn’t hit power lines to creating a safe environment while doing yard work, a well-maintained ROW helps avoid tragedy.

Power lines are a constant part of our landscape; it’s easy to forget they are around. We work hard to keep the area around our lines clear, but we need your help. Be alert this spring. Don’t plant trees or tall vegetation under power lines, and keep an eye out for power lines when working in your yard.

If severe spring weather blows through, a well-maintained ROW leads to fewer outages and faster response time. Trees are less of a threat. When trees do fall, crews are able to restore service more quickly than they could with poorly maintained areas.

As a not-for-profit company, Pointe Coupee Electric strives to keep costs affordable for you, our members.

Maintaining our ROW is an important part of controlling costs. Fewer and shorter outages save money for everyone.

When crews work in well-maintained areas, we can reduce risks for employees and equipment too—another way to keep costs low.

Safety, reliability, and cost: this is why we believe in ROW ‘spring cleaning.’ If we compromise on one of these areas, it impacts the others. At Pointe Coupee Electric, we aren’t willing to compromise. Maintaining our ROW is a priority for your safety, comfort, and pocketbook.