Louisiana Child Well-Being Summit April 16-17

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

BATON ROUGE - The well-being and health of Louisiana’s children will be the focus in April as hundreds of practitioners from various backgrounds and disciplines gather to hear from researchers on what science says should be the priorities when it comes to investing in, and improving, child welfare in our state. 

The Louisiana Child Well-Being Summit will be held April 16-17 and will offer a unique opportunity for participants to collaborate with local and national experts from the legal, child welfare, medical, mental health and law-making communities.

The Summit is designed in response to an increasing need for the opportunity of researchers and direct service providers coming together to share scientific knowledge, address the need for increase public awareness, and propose changes in policies and practices that can counteract the high level of risk that children in Louisiana face.

To register for the Summit, view the course listing, and learn more about child well-being in Louisiana visit www.louisianachildren.org.