St. John School participates in Youth Legislature

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Plaquemine Post South
Attending the Youth Legislature are from left, bottom, Kelsey LeBlanc, Kynlee LeBlanc, Sarah Caballero, Elizabeth Bueche, Cameron Landry, Samantha Fleniken, Sydney David, Makayla Corelle, Landon Himel and Brennan Little. Second row, Mary Claire Morel, Christian Hebert, Callie Walker, Samantha Landry, Anna Raffray, Wendell Elzy, Claire Landry, Josh Carbo and Juan Fitch Brandon Miller. Third row, Tucker Gibson Christian Hebert, Logan Morel, Robbie Seneca, Emily Pitre, Logan Rodriguez, Devin Brock and Aaron Bates. Back row, Gavin Bradford, Grant Cedatol, Grace Robichaux, Zoe Bertrand, Hannah Hargrove, Caroline Glaser, Margo Crockett, Jacob Reinhardt, Reese Barrileaux, Kase Kolder, Bailey Alberado and Brennan Templet.

BATON ROUGE - St. John School's eighth grade students recently participated in the Youth Legislature Program held at the Old State Capitol on March 26-27.

The program is sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club and allows the students a firsthand look at the lawmaking process.

Students elected to office were Mary Claire Morel as Superintendent of Education, Margo Crockett as Chaplain of the House of Representatives, and Sydney David as Secretary of the Senate.

Named to the Hall of Fame were students Zoe Bertrand, Carolyne Glaser, Samantha Fleniken, Landon Himel, Sarah Caballero, Robbi Seneca, Elizabeth Bueche, Brennan Little, and Mary Claire Morel.

Three students' bills became laws. Those bills were written by Carolyne Glaser and Grace Robichaux, Kase Kolder and Devin Brock and Emily Pitre and Claire Landry. 

The students were accompanied by Louisiana History Teachers Allen Kirkland and Lisa Morel.