Special synergy: The Iberville Parish Talent Machine presents original production “Childhood”

The Iberville Parish Talent Machine presented the original production “Childhood” last week at the Math, Science, Arts Academy - West Performing Arts Center. Above, a rendition of Rhinestone Cowboy is performed at the musical. 
POST SOUTH PHOTO/Peter Silas Pasqua

PLAQUEMINE - More than 400 students participated in the Iberville Parish School System's Talent Machine production of  “Childhood,” a high-impact musical theatrical extravaganza filled featuring student group and solo performances.

The original play was written by Iberville Chief Academic

Officer Elvis J. Cavalier and included instrumental performed by the 100-member MSA-West Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Micheal Berthelot.

“Childhood is a two-act play dealing with many harsh realities of modern-day childhood,” Cavalier said.

Act I is centered around the dark side of being a child while Act II deals with the magical aspects of childhood in today’s world. Music, dance and song are integrated into the performance.

“It is a play meant to arouse our emotions and to have us question our virtues,” Cavalier said. “The wonderful artists involved in the planning and implementation of this production combined their talents, dedication and youthful vigor to produce a group that was an absolute joy to work with.”

The Talent Machine cast of "Childhood" was comprised of more than350 students from Iberville Elementary School, Plaquemine High School, White Castle High School, North Iberville Elementary School, East Iberville High School, MSA-East and MSA-West. More than 50 students and faculty worked on the crew.

“The creative imagination does not flare in isolation,” Cavalier said. “Creative minds stimulate each other, interaction and competition have a generative effect, sparks fly from disagreement and rivalry, and entire groups become creative producing a special synergy.”

This is the seventh season of the Talent Machine, an educational program designed to expose youth of all ages to stage experiences. “Childhood” also marked the 25th major production Cavalier has written and directed.

“Hopefully, this show will inspire you to be grateful every single day for the gift of life,” Cavalier said.