WBR Museum hosts Belle Époque exhibit through July 20

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

PORT ALLEN - The West Baton Rouge Museum presents a new exhibition curated by Lauren Davis, A Louisianian’s Grand Tour during the Belle Époque, which runs from May 10 through July 20, 2014.

Belle Époque is a term for the period between 1871-1914 that references a “beautiful era” characterized by optimism, seeming peace in Europe, new technology and scientific discoveries.

Right in the middle of the Belle Époque, 25 year old Aurelie “LeLe” Levert of St. Delphine Plantation in Addis traveled on a trip of a lifetime to Europe with her sister, brother, and cousin.  She kept a diary of her experiences, which inspired the exhibit that includes images and video from the Paris World’s Fair and examples of the decorative art, technology, and fashion that were popular at the turn-of-the century. 

It will also showcase several pieces of modern art inspired by the impressionism of Claude Monet, who was one of the most well-known and beloved artists of the Belle Époque.

Elegant artifacts assembled from statewide collections are displayed to recapture the grand arts and high culture of the Belle Époque.

Interactive displays and historical photographs engage visitors in imagining aspects of late 19th century-life in Europe that were transported by young female students back to south Louisiana.

For more information call 336-2422 or visit www.westbatonrougemuseum.com. The museum is located at 845 N. Jefferson Ave.