Crescent Elementary receives SRCL grant

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

Crescent Elementary recently received a SRCL grant to implement interventions, which at the elementary level consisted of the Scholastic programs iRead, Read 180, and System 44. The iRead program caters to each individual child by building on prior knowledge. iRead individualizes by the child’s level and by the continuous assessment process on the computer. It always presents children with new learning experiences and challenges. If a child regresses in a certain area the program reviews the material with them and if the child is advanced in the area the child moves through the lessons quicker on the computer. System 44 was used with third and fourth graders and Read 180 was used with fifth and sixth graders. It was successful because the instruction was individualized based on SRI and SPI scores. Students enjoyed reading passages because they were geared toward the students’ individual interests.  Students were able to work independently on the software allowing levels of difficulty based on their personal needs.