Board of Selectmen approves purchase of fire trucks


PLAQUEMINE - The City of Plaquemine Board of Selectmen authorized Mayor Mark “Tony” Gulotta to execute a master lease agreement for two new fire trucks at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting June 10.

The trucks will be purchased at a 2.9 percent interest rate over 10 years.

The board also authorized the mayor to enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Iberville Parish Council regarding wastewater collection and treatment.

Iberville Parish Solid Waste Coordinator Brian Willis briefly spoke to the board about any concerns.

“If I don’t know about it, it can’t get fixed,” Willis said. “If you have any problems, call me.”

In other news, the board adopted resolutions to accept bids for a welcome and marquee sign at the cost of $30,000 and $50,000.

The board was also given a presentation from Nidel Robins of Capital City Family Health Center.

“We have individuals in the office that can sign you up with Obamacare,” Robins said.

In other matters, the board passed a motion to condemn the Congregation Church of God located at 58730 Allen Street.

“We can’t tear it down for you but we can assist you,” Gulotta said. “It is private property and we are not in the demolition business.

“If you don’t do something soon, we will bulldoze it but we will take the property for the charge.”

The board also adopted resolutions to receive bids for a depository or fiscal agent for a year, designated the Post South newspaper as its official journal for a year and authorized City Attorney L. Phillip Canova Jr. to pursue collection of delinquent 2014 occupational taxes.

In other news, the board reappointed Frances Comeaux and Stephen Panepinto to the Plaquemine Municipal Fire and Police Municipal Civil Service Board.

Additionally, the board acknowledged the renewal of an alcohol permit for the Plaquemine Main Street Program’s July 4th celebration.

Discussion also was related to railroad crossings and the possibility of closing some throughout the city.

“We are not closing any of them unless we get a quiet zone,” Gulotta said.

More discussion was given to illegal parking on the median along W.W. Harleaux Street.

“It is getting ridiculous,” Gulotta said. “The police will crack down. We just have to let them know. They are cutting it up.”

In another matter, Gulotta said the city’s transformer project is currently 98 percent complete and is expected to switch over during the summer.

“If we have an emergency, we could have it running pretty quickly,” Gulotta said.

Finally, construction on a parking lot across from the Bayou Plaquemine Waterfront Park was expected to begin last week and over 2,500 yards of cubic concrete has been poured for a new wastewater treatment plant which is 25 percent complete.