PC Electric celebrates 80 years of service

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Plaquemine Post South

Last Wednesday, hundreds of members of the PC Electric Co-op were treated to lunch and an update of the company’s activities over the past year.

The Board of Directors were on hand, as were a number of dignitaries, including two candidates for the state House of Representatives District 18 seat, and Parish President Major Thibaut. Thibaut heads up the parish’s new home rule charter form of government, a huge change for Pointe Coupee Parish.

I’m excited about the opportunity to work with the board and to continue to work toward moving the parish forward,” he said.

The guests also had the opportunity to see the company’s end-of-year balance sheet, which shows the company turned a healthy profit in 2018. These profits are re-invested in the Co-op each year, and used to improve service and reliability for its members.

PC Electric had nearly $22.7 million in expenses last year, but revenues of well over $23.6 million, leaving the company with a net margin of $1,079,312.

The audience was informed of the fact that “all the homeowners in Louisiana pay the lowest utility rates in the country,” by Public Service Commissioner Chairman Mike Francis.

Long time P.C. Electric Board Member, Mr. Alton Smith retired from the board after serving for 24 years. Smith said he has never received an emergency call because of an injured employee and said proudly the Co-op never had any life-threatening injuries despite the “very dangerous” nature of the electric business.

Smith was honored for his years of service to the board of directors with a plaque and a hearty round of applause.

PC Electric General Manager Myron Lambert then presented the keynote address, by welcoming the members and guests who had made the effort to attend the meeting.

I would also like to thank the employees of PC Electric who have put forth a tremendous effort to make this meeting possible today, along with all the employees who work to bring low-cost, reliable electric power to your homes and businesses,” Lambert said.

He then thanked the board of directors and asked the audience to recognize its members with applause.

In 2019, we are challenged with not only growing our Co-op but also preserving it for the future,” he said. “Electric Co-ops in Louisiana are facing regulatory challenges as well as stiff competition from investor owned utilities to our future growth.”

Lambert emphasized the importance of growth to the preservation of the Co-op, and then explained the strategy for the future.

This year, PC Electric will work toward expanding our service footprint in order to grow and attract larger loads to ensure our future is secure,” he said. Lambert continued describing two big expansions in the company’s market.

The first was a new phase of a 40-lot subdivision in in West Baton Rouge and the second, a new school under construction on Section Road in Erwinville.

We are also working economic development projects in all three parishes (PC Electric serves West Baton Rouge and Iberville parishes as well as Pointe Coupee) and working to expand existing businesses that will create new jobs and opportunities for our members.”

Lambert closed by telling the audience he feels “privileged to serve you, the members of PC Electric as your general manager.”

I am always accessible and here to help you,” he continued, “If you require any assistance or would like to speak with me, feel free to call our offices or stop in.”

In closing, Lambert stated “I look forward to a successful and prosperous 2019.”

Contributed by PC Electric