Magnolia Hair Salon celebrates anniversary

Janice Bourgeois, business owner / stylist
Janice Bourgeois, owner of Magnolia Hair Salon in Plaquemine.

Magnolia Hair Salon is celebrating four years and welcomes a new stylist! August 4 marks the golden anniversary for the Salon.

It has been a dream come true for me. As an eight-year-old child, I knew I wanted to do hair. That feeling was confirmed by my need to get up and 'curl my hair' before school in the third grade.

From that moment on, I'd jump at the chance to get my hands in anyone's hair that would let me! I had lots of guinea pigs growing up! I remember being 13 years old cutting hair on the carport.

It was always a dream to have my own salon. As I'm sure it is for almost every stylist. But the thought seemed so far from my reach, even after eight years of working in the industry.

By this time I was a single mom just making it.

I worked hard, but still had no savings and definitely no knowledge of how to start a business. I remember being at church one evening and my pastor asking me how was work. He went on to tell me how he felt like I'd be in another salon soon, my own.

Now I have a lot of faith, but I laughed inside because I knew I didn't have the resources for that. Not now for sure. But I prayed and believed for God's will, and the rest is pretty much history.

One of my clients at the time walked in one day for a regular appointment and told me about a rental property that was vacant and had previously been a hair salon. Of course my ears perked up.

But in Plaquemine?

I thought, how could I possibly make it there with so many salons already in the area? Little did I know, I could! It was a scary move. One with no insurance, or "safety net." No back up plan or anyone to catch me if it didn't work out.

I remember as I signed that little loan for the equipment I needed and updates to the building, my heart pounded. I had to take a moment and refocus.

I remember saying, "Lord I know you wouldn't put me out here and leave me, so I'm trusting you." Just like he always does, He came through! Almost everything I needed to get the business up and running was donated to me or discounted tremendously.

Still I had no name for it. I went back and forth with a couple of ideas and settled on "Magnolia" after my oldest daughter suggested it. She said "Mom, it's a good southern name." In less than two months from the day I looked at that old, dark, empty, little salon, it was completely transformed and open for business! I couldn’t believe it! It all happened so fast! 

Here I am four years later, still loving it! I am so thankful for my amazing clientele and everyone who helped me along the way. They have been so loyal. Like family. Many of them have been with me for 10 years and a handful since I started 12 years ago. Magnolia would not still be if not for all of you! Thank you, I love each one of you! 

Along with celebrating four years, I would also like to welcome my new co-worker and fellow hairstylist and make-up artist, Rebecca Gonzalez! I have known Rebecca for years and had the privilege of doing her hair many times. She is a recent graduate of the Cosmetology program at BRCC.

I look forward to working alongside her and helping her build her clientele and business. She is currently scheduling appointments and will begin taking clients on August 6. Call to book your appointment today!

Magnolia Hair Salon, LLC -- 24623 Eisenhower Drive -- 225-238-7550