Nichole Lefebvre, local florist has something more to offer

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Plaquemine Post South

A licenced Louisiana Master Florist for over 20 years, Nichole Lefebvre decided to open her dream shop Louisiana Keepsake Roses in her hometown of Plaquemine.

She imports live preserved roses from Quito, Ecuador, the rose capital of the world. Her roses last over a year! No WATER! NO refrigeration! These style of roses and flowers are a wave in the future of flowers. Brides will be able to keep their bouquets forever. "The flowers last as long as the memory."

She also carries brand new hydrangeas and sweetheart roses in live preserved. Other flowers to follow in the future.

The services provided are wedding bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, wreaths, swags, garlands, arrangements, professional Christmas tree design services, and Cemetery arrangements.

The shop also supports local artists. They house Preston Verrett, Theresa Johnson's, and La Nique Creations, who are wood artisans. They meticulously hand craft each piece, from driftwood, cypress, cedar and pecan. Coasters, Dust to Dawn driftwood lighting, candle sticks, chunky candle risers and a number of other unique gifts.

They also feature Toni Feraschi, local award winning oil painting artist. Additionally, Michelle Pitre Sanders, a local jewelry artist and many more are spotlighted on a monthly basis.

Lastly, Lefebvre loves her home town and wants to be a part of making Plaquemine grow! For more info call 225-385-0840.

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