Plaquemine Board of Selectmen meeting notes

Logan Ridenour

The Plaquemine Board of Selectmen held their regularly scheduled meeting on September 10. Among agenda items there was an update on the Parish Summer Program, the purchase of "Kyle's Express," and committee reports.

"We're looking to make some changes," said Dwayne Boudreaux with the Iberville Parks and Recreation Department. This includes the desire for new fields and updated facilities. Creating new fields alongside the existing three would allow for more revenue.

Next on the agenda was the approval of a liquor license for the Pelican Shoppette. This motion passed.

There was then discussion to authorize Mayor Edwin Reeves to enter a cash sale for the property that was once "Kyle's Express." The building would be demolished with the gas tanks removed. This motion passed.

The board also approved the creation of a new three-way stop. There will be two stop signs added at the intersection of Nadler Street, one heading north and the other on Schnebelen Street heading west.

Fire Chief Darren Ramirez explained that they will be cleaning the fire hydrants around Plaquemine. They will be painted red and include reflective tape. The fire department will also be entering schools in October in honor of Fire Prevention Month.

Chief of Police Kenneth Payne reported that officers are patrolling schools zones, because students are back in class. He also reported that the department is making an effort to stop the illegal riding of off-road vehicles by young teenagers.

"When we get these cameras it may help us out in light of that," Payne said. The police department will be testing new cameras, which are likely to assist in preventing the riding of illegal vehicles and the safety hazards they impose.

Lastly, the finance report declared that sales tax continues to grow.

"Sales tax is phenomenal," said Lauren Berthelot, the Finance Director. It is currently 18 percent above where it was last year, and they are anticipating a continued rise next year. This will allow them to expand the city budget.