Plaquemine Board of Selectmen meeting notes

Logan Ridenour
Plaquemine Post South

The Plaquemine Board of Selectmen met for their regularly scheduled meeting, January 14. The meeting included a presentation honoring former selectman, Michael W. Rivet, and the ceremony for incoming District Four Selectman, Russell Gerace.

Rivet served on the board for 15 years as District Four's representative. His resignation came as a result of his personal health concerns.

"We're going to miss him. He's a personal friend of mine; he's a great asset to the City of Plaquemine," said Mayor Edwin Reeves.

While the meeting served as a form of goodbye for Rivet, it was also the first meeting for Selectman Russell Gerace. During the meeting, he was formally appointed the new District Four Selectman.

Gerace said he felt good after the meeting and he is glad for the opportunity. "I just got my feet just a little wet tonight, and I'm ready to jump into it."

Following the ceremony, Ms. JoAnn Glasper presented on behalf of the United States Census Bureau.

She emphasized the need for all Plaquemine residents to participate in the 2020 census. During the 2010 census, there were over one million children unaccounted for in the United States.

"If our children are not counted in the 2020 census, not only will Louisiana lose funding, but Iberville Parish as well," said Glasper. By law, the census information submitted cannot be released to other organizations in any way.

For the first time, participants can complete the census online. Traditional methods such as telephone or mail are still available.

The meeting also included five nuisance hearings and two condemnation hearings.

"We still have people resisting our clean-up efforts, but we're not going to back down," said Mayor Reeves.