Santa Claus says almost all of Iberville Parish’s children are on his ‘nice’ list this year

TOMMY COMEAUX tcomeaux@postsouth.com

‘Tis the week before Christmas and all through Iberville Parish, every child anxiously awaits the Christmas Eve arrival of the merry man himself, Santa Claus.

With only seven days until Christmas, every child wonders what treats and treasures the fat man in red will leave under their tree and every child wonders if he or she is on Santa’s “naughty” list or if they’ve made the “nice” list.

An exclusive interview with Santa Claus reveals most children have little to worry about this Christmas.

“Almost every boy and girl in Iberville is on my nice list this year,” Santa said in a interview done between recent appearances the jolly old fat man has made during his pre-Christmas whirlwind tour of south Louisiana.

“I’ve made my list and checked it twice, but there’s still time for those few children who’ve been naughty to be nice,” he said, as he leaned back and laughed with a hearty, “Ho, ho, ho.”

Santa has made several local appearances so far this month, most notably in the Grosse Tete Christmas parade. He’s also been in several locations for photos with children.

“Make sure to tell all the children in the parish not to worry about me not being ready for Christmas, what with all the personal appearances I do this time of year,” Santa said.

“There are hundreds of elves back at the North Pole working around the clock to see to it that all the toys are finished and loaded on the sleigh for my big trip Christmas Eve,” he said.

Santa said he also wanted to remind Iberville Parish’s children to leave out a little snack for him on Christmas Eve–maybe even a little something for the reindeer, too.

“I get awfully hungry making it around to everyone’s house that night,” he said. “My favorite snacks are cookies and a Coke, but the reindeer prefer carrots.”.