Krewe of Okeanos holds annual ball

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

The Krewe of Okeanos found out it is not nice to mess with Mother Nature in “NATURE-MARVEL OF GODS” at its 40th annual Mardi Gras Ball, held on February 23 at the Carl F. Grant Civic Center in Plaquemine, La.

Reigning over the Mardi Gras festivities were King Okeanos XL, Antoine Joseph Landry, portraying Father Earth and Queen Tethys XL, Caroline Mary Landry, portraying Mother Nature. Caroline is the daughter of Krewe members, Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Landry, granddaughter to Mrs. Lois L. Landry and the late Charles G. Landry, Sr., of Bayou Goula and the late J. Farrell Bourgoyne and Mary J. Bourgoyne.

The setting represented the colors of nature with blue oceans, crystal icebergs, smoldering volcanoes, golden sunshine, green jungles and rainforests. The tableau opened with Mother Nature sending Ball Captains Tara Patin and Theresa Purpera to cast a spell on the children of the Krewe transforming them into lizards, seals, toucans, starfish, sea lions, octopuses, butterflies, fish, flowers, porcupines, trees and fairies. Mother Nature wanted members to see the beauty of nature through her eyes, thus stopping the destruction of her precious earth.

Guardians of the jungle Nicholas Purpera, Krewe member, and Christopher Patin, son of Krewe members Mr. & Mrs. Ty Patin, stood guard over King Okeanos.

Mother nature summoned the “Goddess of Sun,” Miss Cheslyn Alyse Simpson, to cast her golden warmth. Cheslyn was presented with Guardians Trevor Curry and Trent “Timmy” Jumonville. Simpson is the daughter of Krewe members, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Simpson. She was presented by her parents.

Next, Mother Nature quenched the thirst of the earth by summoning, “God and Goddess of Water.” Representing Poseidon - Mr. Kenneth “Clay” Sterling Payne, son of Krewe members, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Payne, and Aphrodite - Miss Claire Jude Landry, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Damon Landry, and niece of Krewe members Mr. & Mrs. Rodney LaBauve, Jr.

To heat things up, “God and Goddess of Fire” were summoned. Vulcan - Mr. Joel Bezet, Krewe member, and Vesta - Miss Samantha Michelle Landry, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lenny Landry, and niece of Krewe members, Mr. & Mrs. Dale Purpera, Sr.

Following, “God and Goddess of Ice” were summoned. Boreas - Mr. Jason Scott Walker, and Khione - Miss Callie Angeline Walker, daughter of Krewe members Mr. & Mrs. Jason Walker.

To release the animals of the jungle the Tenacious Jungle Warriors dancers were summoned, Desiree Babin, Shea Bujol, Stacy Campbell, Brittany Dupont, Amanda Dupree, Britni Landry, Londie LeJeune, Courtney Purpera and Meagan Purpera.

Next Mother Nature takes us into the rain forest from which she summons “God and Goddess of Beauty,” Phaunus – Mr. Clayton Leander Curry, son of Krewe member Ms.Tara Patin, and Thanatos – Miss Margo Alyse Crocket, daughter of Mr. Cricket Crocket and Ms. Lydia Crocket, and niece of Ms. Tara Patin.

Mother Nature looked to the skies and summoned “God and Goddess of Air,” portraying Dryad - Mr. Michael Jules D'Albor, son of Krewe members, Mr. & Mrs. Kim D'Albor, and portraying Oread.- Miss Maddison Grace Pitre, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tiger Pitre, and niece of Mr. & Mrs. Kim D'Albor.

Returning deep into the rain forest Mother Nature summoned “God and Goddess of Forest,” portraying Bacchus – Mr. Colby Landry, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Landry, and portraying Diana - Miss Kamryn Lois Rodriquez, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lenny Rodriquez. Both maid and duke were presented by Krewe members Mr. & Mrs. Michael Campbell.

Master and mistress of ceremony were “Father Earth,” State Representative Chad Brown and “Mother Nature,” Ms. Paige Alleman.

Contributed by Krewe of Okeanos