School Board buys extra acre for MSA-East

Deidre Cruse

The Iberville Parish School Board last week agreed in a 10-4 vote to buy $88,000 for an extra 1.34 acres of land next to the Iberville Math Science and Arts Academy-East from a church next door.

Superintendent P. Edward Cancienne Jr. said the purchase was an investment in the future. The school now has a student body of 264, 20 students short of its capacity.

Dr. Lawton Searly, pastor of Dayspring Church in St. Gabriel, said the congregation was excited about the new MSA-East campus and desired to have the school as an immediate neighbor rather than sell to someone else.

Reverend Searly said when the church located there, the congregations' research showed that 5,000 additional families would move into the area by 2015.

Eastside board members Melvin Lodge and Nancy T. Broussard moved for the board to purchase the property.

Voting yes were Broussard, Lodge, Freddie “Sam” Molden III of Bayou Goula, Donald Ray Patterson of Maringouin, and Plaquemine members Tom Delahaye, Paul B. Distefano, Michael Hebert Jr., Glyna M. Kelley, Yolanda Laws and Brian Willis.

Against were Pam George of Grosse Tete, Dorothy Sansoni of Plaquemine, and Albertha Hasten and Darlene Ourso, both of White Castle.