Parish votes to extend property tax to support public schools

Staff reports

Iberville Parish citizen votes were tallied Saturday at the end of election time to continue a 10-year, 6.22 mills property tax to pay a portion of the cost of maintaining and operating public elementary and secondary schools in the parish.

A total of 848 more yes votes were tallied: 4,389 for and 3,541 against the property tax continuation.

Personnel in the public school system in the parish breathed a sigh of relief with the continuation vote. School Superintendent Edward Cancienne said if the tax proposition failed, layoffs of custodians and maintenance employees would have to be made; and it would cause lack of funding to continue for the upkeep of facilities, creating a tremendous step backward instead of continuation of growth in the public school system.

The 6.22 mills property tax should generate at least $2.5 million a year over the next ten years.

A longstanding property tax proposal was rejected last year by a small number of votes and the new proposition restored funding of parish services. With the passing of the property tax the fear of the school officials having to dip into the district’s general fund was alleviated.