Plaquemine road project now complete

Pam Boesch

Mayor Tony Gulotta announced that Plaquemine’s $15 million dollar road improvement project is complete, with the exception of minor sidewalk work.

“The road improvement project should secure the city’s road infrastructure for many years to come, and make city streets much more pleasant to drive,” said Mayor Gulotta.

The project’s latest completion was the asphalting of Railroad Avenue.

The total project included: 28 miles of roads improved and overlaid, 56,000 tons of asphault used, 10,500 square yards of concrete used, 25,500 linear feet of curbing repaired and added, 2,700 linear feet of main sewer line repaired, 3,500 linear feet of sewer service lines repaired, 5,200 linear feet of slip liner for sewer line improvements, and 650 vertical linear feet of lining for sewer manholes.