Pointe Coupee Electric provides mini-grants to local schools

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

Teachers whose schools are within a community served by Pointe Coupee Electric Membership Corporation (PCEMC) and whose students' homes or parents' businesses are served by PCEMC are eligible for educational grants under an educational program sponsored by the Co-op. According to J.H. "Jodie" Cotten, general manager of the company, youth and education are a top priority of the Co-op. Cotten stated, "In 1996, the Board of Directors of PCEMC unanimously approved adopting a number of schools within Iberville, Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge Parishes where children of PCEMC normally attend." Cotten continued, "PCEMC is totally committed to our members and continually strive to improve the quality of life in their communities. The welfare and education of the children naturally are some of our most important priorities."

To qualify for a donation, each adopted school must submit a written plan for an educational program that they would implement or expand. Only academic programs can qualify for one of these mini-grants.

On Nov. 13, Pointe Coupee Electric awarded approximately $7,000 in educational mini-grants to its adopted schools throughout Iberville, Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge Parishes. The funds were presented to the school principals and/or school representatives in each of the three parishes. Pointe Coupee Electric board of directors Peter Rumfola Jr., Irvin Settoon, Sr., and Alton Smith, Jr. presented grant checks to the following schools: Catholic Elementary of Pointe Coupee, Chamberlin Elementary, Crescent Elementary and Jr. High, False River Academy, Holy Family Elementary School, North Iberville Elementary School, Livonia High School, MSA West, Plaquemine High School, Pointe Coupee Adult Education, Pointe Coupee Central High School, Port Allen High School, Rougon Elementary, St. John High School, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary,Valverda Elementary

In addition to the funds recently allocated to the schools, Pointe Coupee Electric staff also conducts classes in electrical safety; serve as judges for 4-H and Short Course events as well as Science and Social Studies Fairs. The Co-op also sponsors and is involved in other educational programs such as the Washington Youth Tour Program, the Scholarship Program, Support Your 4-H Program, and the Math and Science Awards Program.

For more information on these and other programs available, call the Pointe Coupee Electric Member Services Department at 225-638-3751 or 1-800-738-7232.