State Bond Commission approves Plaquemine project

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

BATON ROUGE - The State Bond Commission approved over $17 million in savings by refinancing existing public debt and over $231 million for projects statewide, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy.

“We saved the taxpayers $17 million by signing off on the refinancing of public debt in 10 parishes and for the Louisiana Housing Corporation,” Kennedy said.

“In addition, the Bond Commission gave approval for bonds to finance a new Plaquemines Parish courthouse, campus renovations at Tulane University, and various infrastructure and capital improvement projects across the state.”

Among the individual projects the Bond Commission approved are: Iberville Parish, City of Plaquemine, $8 million in Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, for extensions and improvements to the sewer system.

The Commission also approved over $17 million in savings for local governments by refinancing existing debts. Among the refinancings approved were: Iberville Parish, City of Plaquemine, $266,000 in savings.

The Louisiana State Bond Commission meets monthly to review and approve applications from parishes, municipalities, special taxing districts, and other political subdivisions of the State requesting authority to incur debt.