Pledge of oath: City officials sworn in at inauguration

ELLIE HEBERT Contributing writer
City of Plaquemine Selectman Ralph Stassi Jr. is sworn in by his son, Assistant District Attorney Scott Stassi, during an inauguration ceremony at City Hall Jan. 8. Family members also pictured are from left, Candice Bradford, Haley Landry, Sandi Stassi, Ralph Stassi Jr., Mario Migliacio, wife Chris Stassi, Reid Migliacio, son Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi, Kennedy Landry, Annette Stassi and Scott Stassi. 
POST SOUTH PHOTO/Peter Silas Pasqua

PLAQUEMINE - Plaquemine Mayor Mark "Tony" Gulotta, the Board of Selectmen, City Clerk Sheila Migliacio and Police Chief Orian Gulotta and his officers were all sworn in for new four-year terms during a ceremony officiated by City Judge Michael Distefano on Jan. 8.

Gulotta told city workers, and the families and friends of officials gathered that serving in public office is a very difficult job, especially in a small community.

"In a small community, people will come to your house if you don't answer their call," he said.

Gulotta also praised the Board of Selectmen for their hard work, dedication, advice and desire to help people.

"We have a great group of councilmen, and we work as equals," he said. "They sacrifice a lot to serve, and their families also make sacrifices daily for them to serve."

Every member of the board was either unopposed or re-elected last year. They are Lindon Rivet, Oscar Mellion, Ralph Stassi Jr., Mickey Rivet, Timmy Martinez and Jimmie Randle.

Gulotta said the $15 million road improvement program completed in early 2012 was a huge project for the city, but it has bigger projects this year ­ a $4 million new transformer being installed for the electrical system and a $12 million sewer plant, which will also be a great economic development tool for the city and parish.

However, he said his desire to help residents is still his driving force after 20 years in office.

"I like helping people," Gulotta said. "When a citizen can walk in my office, tell me a problem and we can work through it, I really enjoy that. I can't help every time, but I try to help when I can."