DOTD bonds out rural roads program

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

BATON ROUGE - DOTD recently announced it will proceed with bonding the first year of projects for its Quality Surface program, which will repair and resurface rural roads across the state.

"Because borrowing costs are higher than expected and interest rates are predicted to stay low, it does not make good fiscal sense for the state to borrow more money than is needed," said DOTD Secretary Sherri H. LeBas. "Therefore, we will bond the first year of SHIF funds and proceed with our efforts to repair more than 360 miles of rural roads for this year."

This historic resurfacing program was made possible through Governor Jindal's bill providing for the bonding of non-federal aid route funds or State Highway Improvement Funds (SHIF). The bonded funds combined with the SHIF regular funds allows the state to improve the quality of roadways that haven't been touched in over 30 years.

With bonds being sold in the next few months, DOTD is able to start essential repairs to our rural roads with the Quality Surface Program. The first year Quality Surface Program's list represents approximately $150 million in projects to repair and resurface more than 75 road segments across Louisiana.

This year's breakdown includes approximately 360 miles of roadway repaired, approximately $82 million in projects come from north Louisiana and approximately $70 million in projects from south Louisiana.

DOTD will continue forward with the first year list, which was selected through DOTD's priority program based on traffic volumes and roadway assessments.