Carbo claims prize money in cutting horse event

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

GLEN ROSE, Texas - Area cutting horse rider, Taylor Carbo of Plaquemine, was a big winner during the THE BONANZA CUTTING in Glen Rose, Texas Feb. 16, when his horse Moms Stilish Cat scored a 221 in the 5/6 Year Old $50,000 Amateur cutting horse event.

Carbo and Moms Stilish Cat won a total of $4,024.26 in prize money.

A cutting horse is an athletic and willing animal possessing an innate "cow sense" and ability to respond quickly and turn sharply that is trained to keep a cow from returning to the herd. The horses involved are typically American Quarter Horses, although many other stock horse breeds are also used.

In the event, the horse and rider select and separate a cow out of a small group. As the cow tries to return to its herd, the rider loosens the reins and leaves it entirely to the horse to keep the cow separated, a job the best horses do with relish, savvy, and style.

The Bonanza Cutting is one among 800 limited-age events approved by the National Cutting Horse Association around the world. Limited age events are restricted to young horses in a particular age group.

The National Cutting Horse Association approves approximately 1,600 events each year with purses totally more than $35 million throughout the sport. Cutting events take place throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, South American and Europe.