Ferachi named board certified tax specialist

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Plaquemine Post South
Antonio “Tony” Charles Ferachi

Antonio "Tony" Charles Ferachi has achieved certification as a Tax Law Specialist, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization.

Certification is based upon the number of years in the practice of low devoted to handling tax matters, obtaining the required number of hours of tax legal education and passing a written examination.

Ferachi is a tax, appellate and business litigation attorney in the Litigation Division of the Louisiana Department of Revenue, State of Louisiana.

Ferachi recently prevailed in a landmark Louisiana tobacco tax case, McLane Southern vs. Bridges, in which the Louisiana Supreme Court issued a ruling that resulted in saving the State of Louisiana from having to issue over $15 million in refund claims to McLane and tens of millions of dollars to other tobacco dealers.

Some of Ferachi's other favorable published opinions include rulings which limited the issuance of bad debt refunds that resulted in saving the state from having to issue millions of motor vehicle financing companies, disqualified meal sales on barges from the isolated or occasional sales tax exclusion, disqualified materials and supplies not used in the initial construction of a ship or vessel from exemption from tax, and prohibited challenges (either through payment under protest, exception or otherwise) to tax assessments that were not challenged with 60 days of issuance.

Ferachi has also been published in the Louisiana Bar Journal and State Tax Highlights of the Federation of Tax Administrators.

Ferachi is a cum laude graduate of Southern University Law Center. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University and was an honor graduate of St. John School.