Plaquemine Garden Club February Garden of the Month

NICHOLE LEFEBVRE Contributing writer
R.J. and Loretta Barbier recently won the Plaquemine Garden Club's February Garden of the Month.

I am pleased to announce that Mr. and Mrs. R.J. and Laurette Barbier are proud winners of Plaquemine Garden Club's February Garden of the Month.

With all of the gloomy, rainy days, it was so refreshing to see their yard bursting with color. Even though those days were dreary, our yards in Louisiana really relish the moisture. It is a preparation for our glorious gardens of spring and summer.

I was amazed at the difference that three weeks would make. I delivered their yard sign the first week of February and there were some plants blooming, but it was nothing like the third.

Color was bursting from one side of their yard and rapping around the other. Just to name a few plants of the colorful concoction, there are daffodil, petunias, panola pansies, camellias, Indian hawthorn, agapanthus, sweet peas, Japanese magnolia, cypress trees, and drake elms.

I asked Mr. Barbier what was his secret or could he give me any tips, he jokingly said he doesn't give up an secrets. But, he did say simply, hard work daily in his yard gets this kind of results.

He will be awaiting his sweet pea garden in the back of their home that hosts an array of colorful sweet peas.

I have always admired this yard for being colorful, first of all, but any gardener knows that it really does take hard work for your yard to look pristine. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Barbier.