St. John’s Mu Alpha Theta celebrates “Pi” Day

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South
Ben Poirrier competes in a pi reciting contest.

PLAQUEMINE - St. John’s Mu Alpha Theta celebrated “Pi” day, aka March 14 (3.14) recently.

During math class, the students discovered the value of pi the 200 BC way and tried to find their birth date in the first 20,000 digits of pi. 

At an assembly, Ben Poirrier and Alex Cheramie competed in the pi reciting contest.

Poirrier recited 200 digits after the decimal to win with Cheramie following with 168. 

The cheerleaders raised the spirits of the audience before the reading of the book Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by seniors Brandon D’Albor, Colby Landry, Courtney Burruss, Lauren Glynn, Annette Stassi, Seth Gulotta, Mikalynn Glaser and Andy Baldwin. 

To wrap the festivities up, the Mu Alpha Theta club sold Mr. Murray’s mini pies and Racheal Sandidge played pi songs.