Bishop Muench to undergo two surgeries

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Plaquemine Post South
Bishop Robert Muench

BATON ROUGE - Bishop Robert Muench of the Diocese of Baton Rouge recently announced during Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral that he will undergo two separate surgeries in the coming weeks.

"After months of tests, I have been diagnosed with two medical conditions that require separate surgeries," the bishop said. "While all surgeries are serious, these surgeries are not viewed as life threatening."

The first surgery was scheduled for Tuesday, April 16 to reverse an irregular heartbeat. The second operation, scheduled for Monday, June 17, will remove a parathyroid gland that has developed a nodule, considered benign, and will be outpatient.

Recovery from each surgery will be from one to two weeks, making it impossible for the bishop to honor scheduled commitments during those times.

Fr. Than Vu, the Vicar General of the diocese, will assume the additional responsibility of diocesan management during the bishop's recuperation.

"The doctors have asked that the bishop receive no visitors during his recovery period so that he can get needed rest and the recovery be as quick as possible," Fr. Vu said.