Nottoway Plantation hosts Toddstock II June 17-22

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

WHITE CASTLE - Renowned multi-faceted artist Todd Rundgren will celebrate his 65th birthday with family, friends and fans at Toddstock II v6.5, held at the historic Nottoway Plantation & Resort in White Castle June 17-22.

Nottoway, the South's largest remaining antebellum mansion, is situated on a stunning plantation estate nestled between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

"By popular demand, the summer solstice bacchanal known as Toddstock will descend like locusts upon the unsuspecting landscape," said Rundgren. "This year, we target an innocent Louisiana plantation a stone's throw from New Orleans. Come while the week away in the heart of Dixie."

Toddstock II v6.5 will offer fans a rare opportunity to spend quality time with Rundgren and enjoy nightly musical jam sessions while relaxing on Nottoway's vast 22 acres on the Great Mississippi River Road in the heart of Louisiana's historic plantation country.

The 2008 inaugural Toddstock festival celebrating Todd's 60th birthday was held on his property on Kauai, with hundreds of fans from around the globe camped out for the week-long event.

Rundgren explains what attendees can expect at Toddstock II v6.5.

"We're hoping that our more centralized location will allow 'Stockers to contribute infrastructure of their own devising. Tents are cool, but kissing booths are cooler. Bring your own sushi bar and go nuts."

Toddstock II v6.5 attendees may choose from a variety of accommodations at Nottoway, including beautifully renovated historic mansion rooms and the deluxe hotel rooms of the cottages and carriage house. Every room features luxurious amenities and modern conveniences, such as wireless internet access and flat-screen TVs. The Elysian grounds include a swimming pool and cabana, tennis courts, and fitness center and several acres will be designated exclusively for tent camping during Toddstock II v6.5.

In addition to enjoying leisure time on the expansive Nottoway grounds, optional excursions such as plantation tours, swampboat tours, riverboat tours, golf, and historical tours of Baton Rouge and New Orleans will also be available.