Iberville Parish competes at 4-H University

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Plaquemine Post South
2013 Iberville Parish 4-H University Delegates (from left to right): Emma LeBlanc, Joseph Zito, Marie Comeaux, Madeline LeBlanc, Ryan Persick, Gabrielle Deslatte, Jacques Comeaux, Frederick Bell, Morgan Badeaux, Christen Diamond, Troy Martin, Olivia Ledet, Elise Persick, Monica Rivet, Sophia Tempanaro and Iberville 4-H Agent Christina Zito.

A total of 16 local 4-H'ers represented Iberville Parish at 4-H University, a series of statewide contests at Louisiana State University, recently.

1,415 youth from across Louisiana attended 4-HU June 18-21. Iberville 4-H'ers trained and competed in various contests, such as Photography, Public Speaking, Solutions Unlimited, The Louisiana Chef, Fashion Review, Sports Broadcasting, Computer Simulation, and Insect Identification.

Sophia Tempanaro, a 9th Grader at St. John High School, was elected to represent Iberville Parish on the 4-H State Citizenship Board.

Tempanaro will assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of statewide and parish level service-learning projects.

"Iberville Parish was well-represented by the 2013 4-HU Delegates," Iberville 4-H Agent Christina Zito said. "The students trained for months prior to competing at 4-HU, and their dedication was rewarded with statewide recognition."

Ten Iberville Parish 4-H'ers placed in their respective contests. Second Place Winners: Christen Diamond, The Louisiana Chef Contest and Gabrielle Deslatte, Fashion Review: Ready-to-Wear Contest.

Third Place Winner: Madeline LeBlanc, Photography Contest. Fourth Place Winners: Elise Persick and Sophia Tempanaro, Solutions Unlimited Contest and Troy Martin and Joseph Zito, Sports Broadcasting Contest.

Fifth Place Winners: Olivia Ledet and Monica Rivet, Solutions Unlimited Contest.

Blue ribbon winner: Marie Comeaux, Fashion Review: Creative Choice Contest.

2013 Iberville Parish 4-HU Delegates are Morgan Badeaux, MSA-West, 10th Grade; Frederick Bell, MSA-East, 10th Grade; Jacques Comeaux, MSA-East, 11th Grade; Marie Comeaux, MSA-East, 12th Grade; Gabrielle Deslatte, St. John High School, 9th Grade;

Christen Diamond, MSA-West, 12th Grade; Emma LeBlanc, MSA-East, 10th Grade; Madeline LeBlanc, MSA-East, 12th Grade

Olivia Ledet, St. John High School, 9th Grade; Troy Martin, MSA-West, 11th Grade; Elise Persick, MSA-West, 10th Grade; Ryan Persick, St. John High School, 11th Grade; Monica Rivet, St. John High School, 9th Grade; Racheal Sandidge, St. John High School, 12th Grade and Sophia Tempanaro, St. John High School, 9th Grade.