Bald Eagle escapes from Baton Rouge Zoo

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South
This is the male bald eagle that zoo officials are searching for. COURTESY PHOTO/BREC Baton Rouge Zoo

BATON ROUGE - One of the male eagles on exhibit at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo escaped recently.

Zoo officials and staff are actively searching for the bird, and are asking for the public’s help should it be spotted in the area.

The escape occurred when the eagle was startled during routine maintenance on the exhibit. The startle caused the eagle to fly into its mesh enclosure with enough force to create a hole, through which it then escaped.

The eagle was previously injured in the wild and rescued by a wildlife rehabilitator. Because it was determined its injuries left the bird with limited flight abilities, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife put the eagle on permanent loan to the Baton Rouge Zoo.

Any information concerning the eagle should be directed to 225.775.3877.