Plaquemine Garden Club's Garden of the Month for May

Nichole Lefebvre Contributing writer
Plaquemine Garden Club's Garden of the Month for May honor went to Ross and Angelic Landry Hebert.

PLAQUEMINE - A beautiful yard is what is going on, on LaBauve Avenue. Newlyweds Ross and Angelic Landry Hebert are the winners on Plaquemine Garden Club's Yard of the Month for May. On any given day of the week, you can find the happy couple working tirelessly to manicure their picture perfect yard. Angelic is a dedicated member of the Plaquemine Garden Club and takes pride in her colorful gardens. When I say "gardens" I mean that there are many different sections of her yard. The front lawn has a beautiful walk that is lined with splashes of oranges from day lilies, bursts of purple from agapanthus, and sunny yellow mums. Angelic is a collector of different varieties of day lilies, in all ranges of colors and from single to double blooms. I must say that my favorite section of her yard is the backyard. There is a row of Natchez white crepe myrtles that lead to a pergola and covered area. There are Alocasia Odora, or in layman's terms, giant elephant ears. There is the passion vine, angel's trumpets, phlox, azaleas, cedars, foxglove, variegated ginger, crepe myrtles, and an herb garden across from there.

Being in the PGC, we have learned many aspects of recycling. Angelic very talented in design and flower arranging. When cutting back her rosemary, she recycled the cuttings and made a beautiful wreath that was fragrant and elegant. It welcomed all of her backdoor guests. Congratulations to the newlyweds Ross and Angelic Landry Hebert.