Pointe Coupee Electric provides electrical safety tips around grain elevators

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

NEW ROADS - Working around grain bins creates hazards that are often overlooked by even the most seasoned farm hands. Always keep these safety tips in mind:

Entrapment can happen in a second when dealing with grain, which often is compared to quick sand. This is the leading cause of death in storage bins.

• Do not enter grain bins during active loading and unloading times.

• Never work alone.

• Make sure to wear proper safety equipment.

When grain dust accumulates, it can sometimes create the right conditions to spark a fire. These fires are difficult to stop and usually end with a large explosion.

• Be sure your ventilation system is working properly.

• Clean regularly to keep grain dust accumulations to a minimum.

• Do not smoke or ignite any other open flames while in the grain bin.

Mold, fungi, and chemical fumes from decayed grains can create a deadly atmosphere.

• Store fully dried grain at the proper moisture.

• Wear a mask or filter respirator to limit the amount of direct contact to the fumes.

• Try to keep animal and insect infestations to a minimum.

Machines also pose deadly risks, including amputation, entanglement, and electrocution.

• Do not operate these machines while inside the bins.

• Ensure that all equipment is properly guarded.

• Be on the lookout for overhead power lines.

• Check for frayed cables.

• Always wear safety belts or some form of protection.

And Remember: When loading and unloading grain bins, be aware of electrical power lines! In every situation, think safety first. Always keep your equipment and tools away from power lines.

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