Public school teachers grade high in state rankings

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

PLAQUEMINE – System administrators said at the Iberville Parish School Board regular meeting Sept. 16 that public school teachers showed the highest improvement rate last school year in the state’s recent Compass Final Report.

According to the Louisiana Department of Education’s website, Compass is the state’s educator support and evaluation system.

It is designed to provide all teachers with regular, meaningful feedback on their performance and to foster continuous improvement.

The program scores teachers based equally on assessments for professional practices and student growth. Only two percent of Iberville teachers were ranked as inefficient, the lowest rating, compared with four percent statewide, according to the results.

Twelve percent of Iberville teachers were ranked as emerging, the report reads, compared with eight percent statewide. The system saw 60 percent of its teachers ranked as proficient, three percent higher than the state average.

The only statistic lower than the state average was for teachers found to be highly effective, which is the highest ranking.

Twenty-six percent of Iberville’s teachers reached that mark, while the statewide average was 32 percent.

More specifically, the report shows that 73 percent of parish teachers scored as proficient in practice, compared with the statewide average of 63 percent.

Scoring for the category comes from averaging individual evaluations conducted by administrators, mentor teachers and master teachers.

In addition, 27 percent of parish teachers scored as highly efficient in the student growth category, the criteria which includes student performance scores.