Veal presents food seminar at WCHS

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

WHITE CASTLE - Several White Castle High School juniors and seniors attended a seminar conducted by Mr. Mike Veal, Vice- President of Marketing of the Nationally known ConAgra Foods of Omaha, Nebraska recently.

ConAgra is one of  North America's largest packaged food companies with over 28 brands ranking No. 1 or No 2. Some of these brands include Orville Redenbacher's, Healthy Choice, Hunts, Wesson, Chef Boyardees, Pam and more.

Veal focused on his education and career path, job roles and responsibilities, nutritional value of healthy foods and concluded with a question and answer session. 

After a question and answer session, Veal announced that the students would be creating a business project that he would help mentor. 

The business project was developed by Gail Edwards, Dean of Students and Academic Affairs in which students would decide what to produce, how much to produce, for whom to produce and receive the earnings for production.

The project will involve Accounting students, Beta members and FBLA members and all proceeds will go to the clubs as a fundraiser.

Students will have weekly web conferencing with Veal along with their sponsors. ConAgra will not finance this project. However, ConAgra will donate ingredients to begin the project. More will be included in future articles.