Pointe Coupee Electric celebrates National Co-op Month

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

NEW ROADS - When buyers and sellers meet, you have a market, but not all markets are the same.

Through the cooperative form of business, people become something more than buyers or sellers. They become full participants in the free enterprise system. Co-op members not only buy goods and services from the cooperative, they also own the business that serves them. They use their combined power and skills to invest their capital, operate their own business, provide themselves and others with goods and services and share the benefits.

What's more, this is a partnership that is committed to their communities.

Each year, cooperative businesses generate more than $100 billion in economic activity and enhance the lives of more than 100 million Americans. During the month of October, people from every type of cooperative business celebrate their achievements. Cooperatives contribute so great a value to our nation that we should all join the celebration.

Pointe Coupee Electric Membership Corporation (PCEMC) is one such cooperative, charted in February 1939 by the consumers it was to serve. Today, Pointe Coupee Electric serves nearly 8,000 members along 1,029 miles of power line in Iberville, Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge parishes.

As in the past, electric cooperatives continue exploring all possible areas that might benefit their memberships economically into the 21st century.

Cooperative businesses bring into the American free enterprise system people from every walk of life and every economic condition. Cooperatives bring people together for housing, health care, groceries, electricity, hardware, telephone, telecommunications and financial services, and cooperatives are inseparable from our nation's agricultural production, processing and distribution industries.

Recent surveys also show consumers tend to trust cooperative businesses more than their investor-owned counterparts, and consumers like the idea that non-profit businesses stress service over profit. Co-ops commonly put the interests of Main Street ahead of those of Wall Street.

Business trends go up and down, and fads and fashions spring up only to fade away. But cooperative business produces an enduring economic liberty for all people; that liberty is worthy of celebrating and preserving.

Pointe Coupee Electric is your local electric cooperative that has been serving parts of Iberville, Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge parishes for 75 years.