False River spawning beds to restore fisheries habitat approved

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

NEW ROADS - In an effort to improve the fisheries habitat of False River, state officials and local residents serving on the False River Watershed Council have approved efforts to begin constructing spawning beds in the oxbow lake beginning Oct. 23.

Nine suitable locations with hard bottoms have been identified including old shell beds that are still intact but currently do not host small living aquatic life.

Each spawning bed will be roughly 400 square feet, measuring in strips of 20-foot by 20-foot or 10-foot by 40-foot, and measuring in thickness of about four inches of gravel. The beds also will be located in water depths of between two feet and four feet, according to Department of Wildlife and Fisheries specifications.

State Rep. Major Thibaut, D-Oscar said the council presented a comprehensive report to state legislators in the spring, detailing the various issues and potential remedies of the restoration effort.

A copy of the report and information on restoration efforts for False River can be found at www.dnr.louisiana.gov.