Suspect killed in shooting spree

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

PLAQUEMINE - The prime suspect in a shooting last month died after he was shot Nov. 4 in what authorities may believe was retaliation, according to multiple reports.

Darnell Paige, 39, was shot three times in the chest and side during an exchange of gunfire on Bourgeois St. when Thomas C. Jackson, 25, walked up to the car he was riding in and fired six bullets into the vehicle, reports say. Paige is believed to return fire at least 10 times.

The women driving the vehicle and another women in the front passenger seat were uninjured. The driver sought help at the Plaquemine Police Station, where officers phoned for an ambulance, reports said. Paige perished at a local hospital.

Another shooting occurred shortly there after on Nats Alley when shots were fired into Paige's home that contained children. Bullet holes numbered nearly a dozen but no one was injured, according to reports.

Paige was the prime suspect in an October shooting in the same area. Another man was shot in the leg in that exchange and it is still under investigation, according to reports. No motive for the initial shooting is given.

Paige, a native of Harvey, had been living in Plaquemine for nearly half a year.

Johnson's last known address is 24155 Harold Lane in Plaquemine.

The contact number for the Plaquemine City Police Department is 225-687-9273.