You’ll never see a best man’s speech like this one

Terry Baddoo

Jonah and Sam Waldron are as close as brothers get. 23-year-old Sam has autism, and his big brother, Jonah, 27, has always been a supporter, friend, and confidant.  

The brothers inspire each other. So much so that Jonah became a Special Education teacher because of his experiences with Sam.  

When Jonah was planning his wedding to Madison, Sam was his first choice as best man. But he had no idea how his brother would rise to the occasion. 

Watch Sam deliver one of the most incredible best man speeches ever! 

Sam’s autism means he has trouble communicating and can be awkward around people he doesn’t know. So, standing in front of a room filled with wedding guests was going to be a giant leap of faith. But for the brother he calls his “hero,” Sam was determined to overcome his nerves. 

With the help of his dad, Sam wrote a heartfelt speech describing his love for Jonah and his new sister-in-law. Then, at the wedding reception, he delivered it, filling the room with laughter and tears in what was undoubtedly one of the most amazing best man’s speeches we have ever heard.