Missionaries in area willing to assist community

Staff reports

Two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints stopped by the POST SOUTH last week and offered their services to the communities of Plaquemine, White Castle, Addis, and Brusly.

Elders Crane and Cobb are willing to do free work and/or assist needy families with work projects, etc.

Crane and Cobb say they offer their services 24-7, but normally travel the westbank area from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. discussing their Mormon faith and helping people.

The missionaries can be reached at 225-810-9611.

Elder Cobb has been in the area for 12 weeks, while Elder Crane joined him 9 weeks ago. Crane is from Ogden, Utah and Cobb from Oren, Utah.

When asked about the heat in south Louisiana, they replied its is the humidity that is unusual for them. Hey, we all know humidity down here and we do not like it either!

They said their missionary program reaches countries all over the work, except for only a few like China. They said missionary work in other countries usually lasts two years.