Local musician honors returning troops

Staff reports

Local musician, sculpture artist, and Renaissance Man John W. Rosso has written a song honoring our troops who are stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq on his C.D. produced at Oak Tree Studio in Addis back in late May of this year.

“Since a number of our local troops are returning in time for Christmas, I thought I would stop by and bring the words to my song “Lonely Soldier” by the POST SOUTH so it could be printed in honor of them,” explained Rosso.

Here are his song lyrics:

“The Lonely Soldier”

We try to live in the land of the free

We try to live in harmony

Yet greed and waste is bringing us down

You know it is true even in your town

That’s why we must sacrifice

That’s why we must do what is right

For our soldiers

Giving their all for you and me.

For we the people

We lost our sight

For we the people

Abuse our rights

Look in that mirror

It could be you

I’m speaking of.

We’re still at war

So far away

In some other land this very day

God bless those soldiers

They are my heroes

For what they gave

Only they will know

Be proud of your country

Be proud of your town

Be proud of your city

Let freedom sound

America, you are forever on my mind.

America, you showed me love

America, from our God above

You give your freedom

To their world

So far from home

You give your freedom to all countries

So far from home.

The song is part of a new C.D. that includes pieces such as “Drew Breeze”, “Purple Martin Blues”, “Love Me Tender”, and “Rainy Night in Georgia”.

Rosso wrote “Lonely Soldier” back in September of 2009.