St. John holds Confirmation ceremony

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Plaquemine Post South
Group shot of students who recently underwent the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation.

Thirty candidates were confirmed recently by The Most Reverend Michael G. Duca, Bishop of the Baton Rouge Catholic Diocese. The Priest residing was Father Gregory J. Daigle, Pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church, Plaquemine, La. The Deacon residing was Deacon Alfred Ricard of St. John the Evangelist.

Confirmation candidates spent time preparing to receive the sacrament. The most important project implemented by the candidates is the Elderly Project.

Each candidate adopts an elderly person over 65 from their family or someone in the community. For approximately five-to-six weeks they interact with the Adoptee.

They intertwine their lives with the elderly, and the elderly in turn intertwine their lives with the youth of the community.

The candidates are required to document their interactions for at least 5 visits, they turn in a written report for each visit. The final task is to bring the adoptees to a pot luck dinner in November.

Three generations present at each table: the candidate, the adoptee, and one of their parents. Many candidates invite the required adoptee and one parent, but many of the siblings attend as well as two parents.

It is a most joyous occasion and love is able to find an open door in each family. The focus of this project is to connect the younger generation to an older generation. It creates a bridge where there was no connection. This is the second year of this project's implementation, and God has blessed the work immensely.

The root word is confirmation is confirm. Candidates are confirming their faith to the community of faith, to the civil community, and to God.

They are exercising their right to choose, and in choosing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation they have chosen the path of a Christian. They have chosen to serve God by serving his people and to spread the good news of the Gospel.

The have chosen the vessel of Catholicism to walk out their faith.

These students are encouraged to walk the walk, to make a mark in the world, and to make a difference through their words and actions. They are encouraged to do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do.

Moreover, they are encouraged to turn inward, taking a better look at themselves. They take a good look at the person in the mirror before becoming critical or judgmental of others. They learn to be good listeners.

God has not stopped talking to his children, but perhaps his children have stopped listening for his voice.

Catechists for the Confirmation Prep Program were Wanda Ashley, Director of Religious Education; Melanie Haydel, Catechist - 11th Grade; Bobbie Cavalier, Catechist - 10th Grade; Mercedes Curry, Catechist - 10th Grade; Rudy Comeaux - Guest Speaker; Mallori Champagne - Guest Speaker.

Students Confirmed: Kylie Ann Roussell, Julia Reina Russell, Jacob Monroe Schlatre, Grayson Schnebelen, Katelyn Nicole Sibley, Nick Anthony Stassi, Conrad David Tempanaro, Jacob Michael Vaughn, Chandler Elizabeth Vial, Madison Claire Young, Dallen Joseph Babin, Antonio Joseph Barbee, Conner Patrick Barbee, Grant Michael Blanchard, Victoria Elizabeth Bradford, Jacob Hunter Brown, Reece Paul Coupel, Collin James Crousillac, Parker Joseph Devillier, Wyatt Lee Erie, Ali Alise Falcon, Claire Michael Ferguson, Bailey Alexis Gaudet, Corinne Anna Hebert, Maggie Claire Joffrion, Christian Cole Lambert, Derek Paul LeBlanc, Lilly Marie Markins, Martin Reymond Noel, Emily Nicole Robison.

Contributed by St. John School