Integrated Health: Fall Prevention Program

Jeff Faucheux, LAT ATC CTPS CES
Guest Contributor
Plaquemine Post South

Falls among seniors are on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1-in-4 seniors will have a fall. Every 20 minutes an older adult dies from a fall, 1-out-of-5 falls causes a serious injury. Medicare cost for fall injuries total over $31 billion annually, and more than 3 million older adults are treated in emergency departments for non-fatal injuries each year.

Integrated Health has joined forces with Choices Family Medical Clinic to promote fall prevention.

Integrated Health will be holding an Educational event on February 23, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at Choices Family Medical Center for all health care providers, health administrators, senior care administrators, caregivers for senior care, and any seniors who want to learn more about Musculoskeletal Advanced Movement Systems.

Email or for registering. We are limiting the event to the first 20 registers.

Musculoskeletal Advanced Movement Systems features 12 functional movements capture in 3D to provide accurate and objective movement scoring. The assessment is used to identifies regions of dysfunction, whether its mobility/stability issues and the plane of motion allowing for targeted corrective exercise strategies, reducing the risk of falls.

About Integrated Health:

Integrated Health is a health management solutions company that promotes musculoskeletal health via active and passive range of motion assessments. Benefits include injury prevention, improved performance, faster recovery, and feeling healthy. Jeff Faucheux LAT ATC CTPS CES specializes in Ergonomics in the Workplace. Brandon Albin, MHRD, ATC, director of musculoskeletal assessments, is a former Division 1 collegiate director of sports medicine who specializes in injury prevention and corrective exercise., 800-292-1617, Choices Family Medical Clinic.