Iberville Living

Nichole Lefebvre, LMF
Guest Contributor
Plaquemine Post South

Iberville Parish is filled with nostalgia, preserved in our timeless homes across the parish.

In White Castle, LA, Kessler, a prominent family name deeply rooted into the community, are Scott and Nicole Kessler and their two beautiful daughters. This close family is nestled in a family home on Cora Texas Plantation.

During the holiday season, Nicole contacted me and explained that she wanted to decorate her home for Christmas, but wanted to accent it with period, adornments. They work seven-days-a-week during grinding, and she needed my help.

She wanted the scene to be over the top so the memories never die for her young girls. They are very family oriented and are the 5th generation to live in this majestic home. She wanted a natural but very elegant look.

I decided to choose elements of silk damask and velvet ribbons, sugary pinecones, pheasant feathers, mercury glass ornaments, red rosehips, and flocked greenery. Scott is an avid hunter, and she wanted to bring the earthy accents in for him, like the pheasants, geese, and elements of our southern woods.

I knew all of these would be natural characters used in times passed. 

Cora Texas Plantation has been in the family for over a century. There are many homes lining the river road, but this particular home is known for legendary entertaining throughout the decades. It was extremely important to Scott and his lovely wife Nicole, to restore and preserve this amazing home.

It is made of brick, pecan and heart pine, which is very rare.  

The flocked, Christmas tree is cascading with snowy moss, burgundy, damask ribbon, feathered ornaments, silk red and gold ribbon, mercury glass, sugary pinecones, satin red balls, snowy owls, white fox, and red velvet poinsettias.

The designer tree topper is packed with amber colored cedar, 30" pheasant feathers, rooster feathers, gold blades of grass, platinum branches and red rosehips. It wasn't hard to decorate such a beautiful home. It commanded nothing but rich, southern, traditional decorations. 

The dining room mantel is lush with two fur, snow covered saplings and a designer arrangement coordinating with the tree. I decided that the handcrafted, cypress dining table should hold a six foot tablescape of the same decor with a host of glowing candles.  

The dining room spills into the family den where they enjoy and spend family time together. There is a family heirloom library table where a winter goose, with a nested design, is surrounded by red and gold berries, lotus pods, tanzania branches, philgris, metal, gold leaves, pine, and winter greenery.   

On the day of the decorating, with the evening setting in and the sun going down, I walked outside on the back porch to witness a beautiful sight. Cora Texas Sugar Mill was in full operation. The steam clouds, lights of the mill, and the sun setting behind it, was a scene captured in time and will be forever in my memory. 

As a master florist, I get to meet many amazing, incredible people. With this being said, this gorgeous home and lovely family will forever be one of my favorites.

God Bless!