The language of flowers

Joe Guilbeau
Plaquemine Post South

African violet, yellow or purple, "such worth is rare."

Apple blossom, white, "Preference."

Bachelor's button, blue, "Celibacy."

Camellia Japonica, white, "Reflected loveliness."

Chrysanthemum, red, "I love."

Chrysanthemum, white, "Truth."

Chrysanthemum, other colors, "Slighted love."

Clover (4-leaf) white or red, "Be mine."

Daisy, white, "Innocence."

Forget-me-not, yellow, blue, "True love."

Honeysuckle, yellow, "Bonds of love."

Ivy, green, "Friendship, fidelity, marriage."

Leaves (dead) "Melancholy."

Lilac, purple, "First emotions of love."

Lilac, white, "Youthfull innocence."

Lily, white, "Purity, sweetness."

Lily of the valley, white, "Return of happiness."

Magnolia, waxy white, "Dignity, perseverance."

Mint, green, "Virtue."

Orchid, all colors "Beauty magnificence."

Pansy, all colors, "Thoughts."

Petunia, all colors, "Your presence soothes me."

Rose, any color, "Love."

Rose deep red, "Bashful shame."

Rose, single, pink, "Simplicity."

Rose, thornless, any color, any color, "Early attachment."

Rose, white, "I am worthy of you."

Rose, yellow, "Decrease of love, jealousy."

Rosemary, gray-green leaves, blue flower, "Remembrance."

Sunflower, yellow, "Haughtiness."

Tulip, red, "Declaration of love."

Violet, blue, "Faithfulness."

Violet, white, "Modesty."

Violet, yellow, "Rural happiness."

Zinnia, all colors, "Thoughts of absent friends."

Readers of my generation will remember Mickey Gilley's classic country song: "I OVERLOOKED AN ORCHID WHILE LOOKING FOR A ROSE. AND THE ORCHID I OVERLOOKED WAS YOU."