Higher Heights Family Church: Sowing and Growing

Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I
Guest Contributor
Plaquemine Post South

I like gardening. The reason why I like gardening is to observe the process of watching seeds turn into produce.

Yes, it is time consuming to observe planted seeds materialize. Nevertheless, when God is in control of the weather, he knows when to send the precipitation down for growth purposes.

Prayer, patience, and positive thinking are three things that are needed for positive growth.

The first thing that is needed for positive growth is prayer. "Every plan needs the assistance of prayer." –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I

"Prayer can cause things to grow like water." –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I

Frustrations may occur when waiting on promises from God. As it concerns an individual's success rate, a person cannot go wrong when prayer is the force behind his/her actions." –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I

Another thing that is needed for positive growth is patience. Tolerance is a virtue of the past. Hardly anyone has time to wait on God to produce. This explains why people settle for sloppy seconds since they are not willing to sacrifice for the faithful firsts.

Therefore, "The most satisfying blessings come with having patience." –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I

The final thing that is needed for positive growth is positive thinking.

"Good attitudes produce results." –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I.

At times, situations can be disheartening. Nonetheless, "As a person uses his/her faith to withstand adversity they will never be put to shame." –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I

Furthermore, "Great endings come with big sacrifices," as it pertains to smiling when hardships in life make you want to become depressed. –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I

Things that are needed for positive growth are prayer, patience, and positive thinking. Success can occur for everyone.

However, it does not occur for most since some individuals are not patient enough in waiting on God to receive their promises. A disturbing factor like impatience robs some people of their harvest.

Remember friends, "It is the patient spirit that will always have." –Pastor Wilbert J. Wilson, I

Be Blessed.

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