Iberville Parish to hoist huge American flag

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

A huge American flag will be raised on Friday in a brief patriotic ceremony involving more than 40 Louisiana National Guard troops.

Iberville Parish President J. Mitchell Ourso, Jr. and the Iberville Council is sponsoring the flag-raising at 10 a.m. in front of the Iberville/Ochsner Medical Complex on La. Hwy. 1 in Plaquemine. The public is invited to attend.

More than 40 Louisiana National Guard troops will march the 80 feet long flag to the flag pole and raise it. Totaling 80 feet by 40 feet (the length of two school buses), the flag weighs 270 pounds. It will be hung on a 150 feet flag pole and will be lighted at night.

"This flag will fly high above Iberville as a source of pride for our residents. Hopefully, when they see it, they will remember to be grateful that they live in this great country," said President Ourso. "The U.S. flag represents our freedom and the sacrifices of many people who have given so much to make our country and our lives better."

The brief flag raising ceremony will follow military protocol for raising an American flag. Watching the unfolding of the huge flag as it slowly ascends 150 feet high is a moving and memorable sight to behold.

"I hope a lot of people come out to watch!" said President Ourso.

Contributed by Iberville Parish Government