Grand jury indicts suspect in rape of 12-year-old

Deidre Cruse

An Iberville Parish Grand Jury has indicted a Maringouin man accused in the rape last spring  of 12-year-old child, District Attorney Richard J. “Ricky” Ward Jr. reported last week.

The grand jury returned true bills against a list of defendants arrested on drug distribution charges after the Law Enforcement Against Drugs (LEAD) Task Force’s year-long undercover operation in the Plaquemine and White Castle areas.

Cordell Grevious, 22, of 10455 Bayou Road, Maringouin, was indicted on aggravated rape and sexual battery charged in the case of the juvenile.

Grevious allegedly raped the child at a friend’s home during spring break, according to Chief Criminal Deputy Stephen Engolio. He was charged with aggravated rape because of the child’s age, the chief deputy said.

The child later informed her parents, who filed a complaint against Grevious, Engolio said. The Iberville Sheriff’s Office conducted a week-long investigation before arresting the suspect.

The suspected drug dealers were arrested for allegedly selling drugs to undercover LEAD agents during “Operation Last Call,” according to Capt. Aubrey St. Angelo, who heads the task force. The agency, a combined effort of the Plaquemine Police and the Sheriff’s Office, made the first arrests from the undercover operation in May.

The grand jury heard the cases earlier this month, and last week issued indictments against these suspects:

-- Jeremy Banks, 24, of 58645 Iron Farm Road, Plaquemine, distribution of marijuana and distribution of cocaine.

-- Vincent L. Edwards, 42, of 31948 LaCroix Street, White Castle, distribution of marijuana and distribution of cocaine.

-- Ronald W. McClay, 53, of 57814 Government Street, Plaquemine, distribution of cocaine and distribution of Loritabs.

-- Alfred Watts, 25, of 57642 True Hope Lane, Plaquemine, distribution of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute fake CDs.

Indicted on charges of distribution of cocaine were:

-- Ronald Alexander, 48, of 23700 Seminary Street, Plaquemine.

-- Robert Bosley, 24, of 24825 Vessel Road, Plaquemine.

-- Larry Brisco, 50, of 32420 Maggio Street, White Castle.

-- Ollis Deggs, 28, of 24300 Church Street, Plaquemine.

-- Horace D. Gailes, 26, of 58251 Court Street, Plaquemine.

-- Donnie R. Green, 26, of 57245 Cpl. Herman Brown, Bayou Goula, two counts.

-- Hassan Henderson, 31, of 2851 Dayton Street, Baton Rouge.

-- Carlos Hines, 34, of 23520 Livingston Street, Plaquemine.

-- Karriem A. Jackson, 34, of 57845 Desobry Street, Plaquemine.

-- Corey McCoy, 27, of 58429 Meriam Street, Plaquemine.

-- Ernest McNell, 33, of 57755 Eli Craig Street, three counts.

-- Derrick Myles, 30, of 23995 Harmason Street, Plaquemine.

-- Charles Smith III, 36, of 58045 Capt. T. T. Harris, Plaquemine.

-- Joseph E. Snell, 20, of 5777 True Hope Lane, Plaquemine.

-- Ernest Warner, 33, of 57944 Barrow Street, Plaquemine.

-- Carlos Williams, 30, of 23008 Jade Street, Plaquemine, two counts.

-- Jonathan Williams, 18, of 58670 Ware Drive, Plaquemine.

-- Kendrick K. Williams, 20, of 23024 Turner Street, Plaquemine.

The grand jury also issued indictments against Lehman Stewart, 48, of 3465 Conrad Street, Baton Rouge, on charges of simple burglary and criminal damage to property, and Willie C. Williams Jr., 22, of 9235 Fontaine Road, Maringouin, on principal to simple burglary and criminal damage to property.

Flanetta O. Reid, 42, of 6323 Laca Street, Baton Rouge. was indicted on a charge of felony theft of more than $500.