Weekend market may come to White Castle

Tryve Brackin

Last week a Teamwork Louisiana committee met with Town of White Castle attorney Arthur Neal Bagwell and Alderman Gerald J. Williams to work out details to develop a Weekend Market in the community.

Before the market becomes a reality, it must be approved by the local council.

The Market is being planned to offer a variety of merchandise from specialty foods to crafts and will include a coffee call.It is hoped the market will encourage overall growth and development of retail business enterprises, according to the committee.

In a Teamwork Louisiana statement it was noted the project is in development to embrace small towns in state. The committee has hopes to help vendors stabilize and secure permanent locations within the town limits as a result of the project.

Anticipations are for the market to operation on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., but time changes could occur, this is only tentative.

If and when the market is approved by the council, potential vendors must secure and complete an application for rental of a booth, pay a $20 rental fee, and obtain a sales tax identification number from the Iberville Parish Sales Tax Office and the La. State Tax Division.

A request by the committee is to use the building at the corner of Bowie St. and Cambre St., formerly Shaheen’s. Proposals are to adorn the front sidewalk with colorful umbrellas and tables and to offer coffee to patrons.